Kata KT PL-BG-203 Pro-Light Bug-203 Backpack

Affordable Kata KT PL-BG-203 Pro-Light Bug-203 Backpack

  • Kata KT PL-BG-203 Pro-Light Bug-203 Backpack

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The Pro-Light Bug-203 PL is a multi-featured professional backpack designed to provide quick access to your main DSLR. Lightweight and Protective it will cater to the smallest detail of a professional’s working needs. A specially formed foam encased spring steel Spine Guard runs down the front of the bag for ultimate structural protection. Light yet durable RipStop fabrics & meshes, Aeriform foams and Spider Webbing straps all join together to create a protective and light backpack, and the fantastic modularity allows you to make it even lighter by simply removing components that are not necessary for your everyday work. The unique design provides quick, separate access to your Pro DSLR with up to a 300mm lens attached. Additional 4-5 lenses, camera body, flash and other primary accessories fit snuggly in the circumference and specific dedicated compartments can be arranged using the Aeriform Dividers and Mesh pouches. Secondary accessories such as cables, chargers etc. fit neatly out of the way in the zippered pockets on the front flap. Along the back a padded 15.4″ laptop compartment is located, while additional storage is available in the multiple flat external pockets one of which is designated for a small water bottle. A tripod sling which can be attached to either the front or the side of the backpack for added versatility A double sided Elements Cover gives protection in all weather and environment conditions come rain or sunshine. Note: Bug-KIT PL can be purchased separately if you wish to add a large 17″ laptop sleeve, 2 large storage pouches and an adjustable waist belt.

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Kata KT PL-BG-203 Pro-Light Bug-203 Backpack